Luigi’s Story

LuigisStory-01On May 12th, 2010, we rescued a mama and her 6 babies. They were brought into North Central Shelter on May 1st. When the transporter brought them to our home, the transporter opened their cage and said, “Oh good, they are still alive.”
The mother was so sick that she stopped nursing and her babies were only 4.5 weeks old and starving! Their noses and eyes were sealed due to infections. They were skin and bones, didn’t know how to eat on their own, didn’t know how to use a litterbox.

My husband and I nursed them back to health and syringe fed them 5 times a day as well as their mama. Started medications on them asap. There was one kitten that was having a harder time than the others. We took him to the doctors multiple times for stronger meds for everyone.

His eyes were getting worse and his 3rd eye lid ended up completely sealing his eyes. I thought he was going to be blind. I drove him down to a eye specialist and I was so scared to hear their verdict. I remember Dr. Hoffman saying, “His eyes are fine, he can see!” I cried tears of joy. They removed the 3rd eye lid and cleaned up his eyes. It was the first time he got to see me and I got to see his beautiful eyes.

luigisStory-02Sadly two days later, on May 28th, our precious Luigi died. His mother Princess, and siblings Junior, Peaches, Daisy and Dolly all got to say good bye. Luigi saved his family. If it wasn’t for him, we wouldn’t of been able to get the medications we needed to get them all better.

I told him that I would make sure his family was cared for and we would continue to help other cats and kittens from shelters in his honor. On that day, Luigi’s Rescue was born.

Princess, Yoshi, Peachy, and Junior all grown up. Daisy and Dolly were adopted and living fabulous lives!